[Tutorial] Trick To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message

Recover WhatsApp Deleted Message

How to read deleted Message in WhatsApp. Hi everyone. At the moment I have an additional tutorial on WhatsApp. As we know that WhatsApp is in recent times launched delete for everyone feature in which you capable to delete send WhatsApp message or blue tick message in your WhatsApp. But sometimes it becomes mysterious and we have the curiosity to know that what message is sent by that person that deleted that message. So at that time, you can use this method to know that deleted message easily. So before we start, I want to tell you that in this method you need to download third party app, Means what conversation you will do with your friends and family members can also be read by the 3rd app. Whatsapp is end to end encrypted. Whatsapp is unable to read your chat but after installing this app, your chat is accessed by the Third app also. But by using this app you can recover deleted message in your WhatsApp and study them.


Basic Requirements:

  • Internet Connection
  • Latest Update WhatsApp
  • Download this software named notification historyhttps://goo.gl/K98EW2

Benefits of this technique:

  • You can easily recover deleted a message on your WhatsApp.
  • The message that you will recover is only recovered on your phone only. Means you can read it but in sender’s WhatsApp account it will remain written as “This message was deleted
  • Much more.

Rememer that this Notification History App Will only recover deleted message only. It will never recover any image for video that may be deleted by 2nd person

Steps To Recover Deleted Message

  • First of all, Open Playstore and download Notification History App in Your mobile phone from playstore

Link: https://goo.gl/K98EW2

Recover Deleted Message
  • After that Install and Open It.
  • Give All Permission that is required to work
  • Now You can able to read deleted message…
  • Enjoy


By using this technique you can easily read deleted the message in your Whatsapp account. Also, this is safe method besides this if you like this then do like share this article with your friends and family members to enjoy this trick/hack. Also, message me on Whatsapp to join our WhatsApp broadcast group +919044403188

[Tutorial] Trick To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message
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