Top 5 Notepad Codes That You Must Know!!(Update 2017)

Notepad Codes

Notepad Codes, Hello Friends. Notepad is very well-liked for coding and it is very trouble-free to use. a lot of of people use notepad for writing there comments and not anything else. But at the moment I am departing to inform to several amazing and mind-blowing Tricks of notepad. public make HTML sheet by Notepad, PHP file and numerous more. But they have skill to how to do this. Here is some code of notepad paste at and save it as directed please note that you can change the name of file that you formed from notepad but don’t change the extension which is given below. Think what happed if your computer or system speak that you write, or your computer says “Sweet dreams. Take Care.” When you shutdown your system. This is possible by creating software or file by notepad. So here are Top Five notepad tricks that everyone should know.
notepad codes
  • ·         How to make diary by notepad.
  • ·         How to make matrix.
  • ·         Shutdown your computer with message.
  • ·         9/11 Attack code.
  • ·         How to make computer speak that you write.

#1st Notepad Trick.
Make Diary using Notepad.
Many of community write their day by day actions in record. Now you can construct a diary through notepad which helps you to protected your wording from other people to examine. You can lock it with any software. When you open the Notepad diary then it automatic write date and time and then you can write. Follow these simple steps to make Notepad Diary.
·         Open Notepad.
·         Write .LOG
·         Save as name.txt
·         Your Diary was created.
#2nd  Notepad Trick.
How to make Matrix.
This is very effortless type of code to make command prompt matrix. Copt the following code and paste it to notepad and save it as example.bat
·         Open Notepad.
·         Copy and paste the following Code.
@echo off
colour 02
echo %random% %random%
%random% %random%
%random% %random%
%random% %random%
%random% %random%
goto start
·         Save as .bat

·         Now preview your code.

3rd Notepad Trick.
Shutdown your computer with “sweet dreams” Message.
Shutdown your system with message is likely to build a shortcut of blackout with message Copy the code and paste it. This shortcut makes your computer faster to shutdown. Read below Coding to make it.
·         Open Notepad.
·         Copy the following code and paste it into notepad.

@echo off</di v>

msg * Computer will now Shut Down
Shutdown -c “Sweet dreams. Take Care.” –s
·         Save as Shutdown.bat
·         Now change red color message with your message you want to appear before shutdown.
4th Notepad Trick.
9/11 Attack Code Preview.
consider 9/11 Attack. Here is an case Copy these code and follow below steps you will shocked to see what happed.
·         Open Notepad.
·        Type Q33N
·         Now select All text.
·         Go to Format > Font >
·         Select Font as Wingdings and increase font to 72.
·         Save as .txt and preview tour file.

·         You will get shocked.

5th Notepad trick.
How to make computer speak that you write.
What happen when your workstation talk that you inscribe. Cool na??.. Here is code to make software that converse that you write in envelope. Follow the following steps to make software.
·         Open Notepad.
·         Copy the following code and paste it on Notepad.
Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“What should i Speak?”,””)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message
·         Save as speak.vbs
·         Software was created.
So friends these are top 5 Notepad tricks that everyone shoud know. Hope you like it and keep visit here. Have a Good Day.
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Top 5 Notepad Codes That You Must Know!!(Update 2017)
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