Blue Whale Dare Apk Truth. Why People suicide After Playing That Game

Blue Whale Dare Apk

The Main Motto of our to write about Blue Whale Dare Game to prevent peoples from doing suicide. In these days, a game named Blue Whale is going to popular In India as well as other countries. And most of the people are doing suicide after playing this game on their mobile phones. So here is full research about blue whale dare apk app and some reasons behinds why people doing that so.

The Main Aim Of This Article To Beware people about Blue Whale Game, WE Are Not Promoting This Spammy Game.

Blue Whale Dare Apk

What Is Blue Whale Game?

Blue Whale Is a Dare game where you have been provided some dare which you need to complete. In Beginning of this game, you will provide some basic tasks such as to what horror movie that is sent by them, listen horror audio but after that when you got addicted to this game then this game will provide you task like to draw Whale on your hand by knife 🙁 or by any sharp thing.

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This Game is Not available in Google Play Store But As we know about Dark Web….All Illegal things are presented there.


Some Horror Task That Is Given By Blue Whale APK Game

50 Days Of Blue Whale Dare Game APK Tasks.

  • Never Share About Blue Whale Game To anyone.
  • Wake Up At 4:30 AM Every Day And Play This Game.
  • Listen to The Recommended Horrors Videos And Audios That are sent by Blue Whale Game.
  • Cut Yourself Every. Cut Different Body Part Every Day 🙁
  • Final Task… Suicide.


This Game Require A Proof Of Doing that tasks. You need to capture your photo by doing that task and after that, the admin of this game blue whale will approve you to next task.

Several Children died by playing this game. A 14-Year-Old Boy from Mumbai committed Suicide after playing this game. And many people from o her country also committed suicide. We Are Recommended not to play this game.

Blue Whale Dare Apk Truth. Why People suicide After Playing That Game
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